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Reality is a cult.

Reality is a cult.
-Jim McCarthy

Dan Mezick : “Reality is a cult.” Jim, when you write this, what comes up? Cult like what? What kind of reality? Etc

Jim McCarthy: What comes up is that when you are the most triumphant cult you get to call it reality. You get police powers, and the whole weight of the state and its dependent organizations act as enforcers, customers, etc.

To my mind, all cults are groups of people who act as if they hold the same false beliefs together. For example, Scientology has an education – practices system called The Bridge. an expensive, multi-year education program that leads to the highest available state Scientology offers.

The Cult of Reality, on the other hand, holds the belief that there are several bridges, three, really, two of which the state insists be mandated for all ….FOR AT LEAST 12 YEARS; two bridges called primary and secondary schools; to be followed up by a stressful competition among their elites (a sadistic simulation of cruel shortages of admission possibilities; an absurd but somehow credible cruelty;) and they spin a few elites into unbelievably expensive recurring college admissions fees into courses that could as well be available to everybody for, basically,  free, as many as they like, whenever and wherever they want or in the immediate room. These colleges create degree programs at various levels, which is like the Scientologists’ levels of Operating Thetan certification.

Whereas the Scientologists Bridge is considered wildly expensive at appr 250K for the entire thing per person, my recent expense at getting my children all the way to and through the Reality Cults Total Bridge to a Total Degree costs much more than 250k. The Reality Cult forces you to attend as a matter of political and police power, for the vast majority of its bridge time, without any choice whatsoever, and it confiscates your personal assets to finance its victimization policies throughout its bridge equivalent.

I don’t really see much difference in this formative, indoctrination part of the two cults, for example; well, wait, I do: the brutality of the Reality Cult is much worse. Broad Coercion and the severe disconnection suffered by Realities’ dissidents, repression which is often achieved with police power, mandatory and compulsory policies, enforced and financed by money that is essentially stolen.

So this is just a little bit of comparison.

Regardless, the main thing with cults is their beliefs, applied strenuously, are disastrously false. The Scientology Bridge does not lead to total freedom, nor does The Reality Cult’s coercive education lead to free, happy lives.

A discussion of truth value of what is taught in the bridges, respectively, though a great temptation, may not yield the result Reality Cultists might like to think it would; but it’s a red herring anyway, because the thesis is that Reality’s a cult, whatever they teach; i.e., it’s an association of people together because act as if they hold important beliefs (false) in common, and they are using extraordinary techniques to get their victims to conform.

HOWEVER: I pick on schools because i went to school, and can howl sincerely; and then i also conformed with my own kids more than may have been good for anybody. Maybe not. My ambivalence feeds the system.

The Cult of Reality includes the schools as part of its scam, not because they do not teach wonderful things, but because they support -altogether- at a fundamental, often non-verbal level –  certain time and space distortions, projecting them forcefully into the group-think; creating hysterical shortages of, for example, time; and they often act as if locale is more important than connection, and that feelings and intuitions can safely be repressed, and that if an adolescent girl, say, plays a globally populated interactive game with friends from everywhere; playing, say, maybe, half the time; while having abnormal amounts of joy in that 12 hours a day; and soaking in the indefinably graceful flow of multi personal collaboration – love, I mean to say, so-called in other contexts….if this kid is loving all her global friends hour after hour, everyday; and then if the locals (teachers, staff, guidance counselors, uncertain parents) shut down her life of interpersonal triumph; stamp down her misunderstood and judged community of joy; if the authorities of the Reality Cult put their kids’ humanity on a diet, dial it down, unplug them from their society because the KID is antisocial  (er, wait?), the KID is too alone with that computer…..the KID is alienated…..

In general. the schools are essential to the cult, because otherwise such vast horror of dissociation would not be visited on our children. They and their parents would be robust enough to perceive the outlines of the Cult’s Untruth Brigade, and they wouldn’t be such easy prey of the Reality Cult.

There is also effort worship everywhere, vivid in schools. It is the effort that kills the virtue, smothering it in wasteful distress.

…to name a few degrading beliefs the Cult of Reality enforces on its victims. Many through the inexplicit media of cultic false beliefs being accepted with certainty.

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