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When you lack a vision of visions, it is because you haven’t thought things through. If great products come from great teams, and great teams depend on great visions, then the vision of visions—what they are, how to get them, how to make them real—is of the utmost importance. If you think things through, you will naturally want to define a vision before all else.

Metavision is a recursive idea. It requires that you first have a vision about visions in order to routinely and collaboratively make great products. Many people casually toss about the terms “vision,” “mission,” and “goal” without really thinking about those words and deciding what they mean. Such issues are fodder for Metavision.

Having a Metavision means (at least) that your teams will be creating visions intentionally. When you create and promulgate a Metavision, you are committing to a shared understanding of what a vision is, how you achieve visions, and how you know when you have one; you also agree that you won’t proceed on a project until you have one. When you make and fulfill the commitments implicit in those kinds of decisions, you have an operative Metavision.

While you may have prior experience with visions on teams and recognize their power, achieving them was likely somewhat accidental. Now you must decide to work with visions on purpose. Decide to create and extend your Metavision by determining how to achieve a SharedVision in a repeatable fashion, with any team that wants to achieve it.

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