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“What if someone expresses a lame idea? If you tell yourself, “This guy’s a fool,” or “That’s a stupid idea,” what have you received? Nothing. A small pain, a wince, and a living confirmation of the world’s uselessness and the tribulations of your job.

If you simply tell yourself that you are the smarter person, you might stoke up your ego by a smidgen and feel a bit of pleasure. You gain nothing of value, however. You also incur the cost of adding a new little lump of fat on your already-plump ego. That’s not smart.

Alternatively, you could be receptive to the idea. You could investigate this puzzle further. You could ask yourself, “Why would an otherwise normal human being, a creature who can think, present me with this lame idea?”

Now you have posed an interesting question. Through your Receptivity, you have created an opportunity to grow smarter.”

From Software for your Head

Go here for a podcast on Receptivity.

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