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Carrie Fisher is one of my Soul-Celebs.

carrie fisher

I fantasized she would like me, as I liked my fantasy her; that we maybe smoked pot or took psychedelics together, in our past, you know, far, far, away; that we understood each other even now. That we both kept our dried flowers from 1973 nearby and in good order.

Michele points out Carrie-Leia was the dominant force for good in Star Wars; she had the most integrity, the greatest bravery and was by far the most effective of all that universe. That power imo was not the role of Leia, per se; that was Carrie Fisher indwelling the role, her presence virtually creating good in the universe/s.

Basically: No fucking way! Eat lead, asshole.

Steve Said: love the concept of soul celebrities. We must all have one. :)

Jim McCarthy Thanks.

With your patience and encouragement – or your willingness to skip – I offer more thoughts on what it may be like.

Everybody has to create their own soul-celeb milieu, of course. It is an important and personal creative act. My take? Everything is just right and goes amazingly well with soul-celebs, even when they die, like Carrie. Dying in this context is about you not them; they are, after all immortal by their nature, and they are ever available, indestructible. They are your personal mythos of benignity, permanent gifts.

Carrie Fisher has died as a celeb, but as a soul-celeb her life-type has been immortal for some 40 years, when she entered my life as a beautiful princess I could love/adopt/get behind..

One of the cool things about soul-celeb relations is that polyamory seems to be required, needs no rules; just works flawlessly no matter how you do it. It always enriches everybody’s world exactly as hoped; and all the details are exactly. as imagined. Only they are much more exquisite.

But really in the soul-celeb context, especially after death, the conversations are so amazing, the laughs so rich, the word and idea play so witty, layered and provocative; that the general tenor and the many sensations therein are always utterly compelling and always mounting, mounting; moving toward more and more sublime levels of ultimately uncontainable hilarity bursting forth; and glorious overflow joyful onrush; and this is all so enrapturing that, you know, well, even the biggest sexual moments – tho lasting unusually long, and at intensities greater than can be imagined or remembered; well, even such extraordinary sensation as that is really just a delightful accompaniment to the absolute goodness of the rest; the rest, where Carrie Fisher and others have always lived apart from roles; the rest is so good that even spectacular sex is experienced as but the ravishing subtext to the larger development of a still more divine grade of intercourse, with much greater procreative potential.

This takes place in what I can only describe as a transcendent orgy of profound, total and personal acceptance.

This is what things are like in the undying world of my Mythos ; these things are the destiny of my soul-celebs.

I see Carrie Fisher there now.

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