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My Prejudice

My Prejudice

1. Prejudice is positive or negative evaluations toward people based on their perceived group membership.

2. I’m pretty sure that is a reasonable definition. It’s the one I have been going with for a long time.

3. I have given up on eradicating my own *inclination* to be prejudicial. I just accept it.

4. I have generally applied myself to developing my habits of thinking, speaking, behaving, and writing such that I do not *express* or *endorse* prejudice.

5. This anti-prejudicial self-discipline is as prone to failure as my being a parent; as surprising and humbling as developing my self-awareness; and as challenging to me as personal integrity.

6. My tendencies toward prejudice have limitless vitality and stubborn persistence, extend forever in both positive and negative directions, and are excruciatingly subtle.

7. Whether you are prejudicial in your inclinations, like me, I cannot and do not say.

But to my friends I ask this : if you hear me say that Americans are this or that, that police or media are this or that, that liberals or conservatives, or men, women, religious, atheists, colors, any nations, or some gender proclivity, or an age or a background or any group at all – is either good or bad or any characteristic whatsoever…

Please remember that I accept and am working to constrain my prejudicial nature, and, if you would be so kind, offer me what compassion you may for my predicament, rather than publicly demonstrating your freedom from or enslavement to your own prejudicial impulses.

I thank you in advance for your civility and understanding.

Jim McCarthy

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