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Your Feelings Have Important Information

“Sometimes, feeling angry about doing something that seems inefficient, or pro forma, is simply a healthy response to waste. If some of your tasks do not contribute to the desired result, they are not worth doing. Specs, schedules, plans, or presentations are not usually the result. Likewise, meetings, reviews, and administration are not the result. While these things can contribute to achieving the result, they often devolve into self-sustaining adjunct activities that contribute less than they cost. If you consistently perform tasks not related to producing the product or directly contributing to those producing it, you are probably doing something wrong. Your more fully engaged presence is surely needed somewhere. Not only can your feelings clue you in, but they can help sustain you in increasing your focus. Your anger—mapped into determination—will be required if you are to purge such wasteful expenditures from your life.”

From “Software for your Head”

by Jim and Michele McCarthy

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