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On Love, Teams and a Remedy

Did some tweeting last night and this morning.  Twitter kinda makes ya say your piece. So I did some. In three chunks. And it’s a little assertive, as my tweets can be. Edited, cause I’m a version sorta guy.  And, of course, this is a different platform.

Ha. Platforms still count.  People still enjoy arguing about em,  hopelessly believe in them, and none of em is still any damn good neither. Not the people nor their platform.   😉


First I did some tweeting bout LOVE


Love is behavior; loving a practice.  Specific things can be learned about how to do it best, and then done over and over and then even a kind of mastery (relatively) approached.  Then?  Boom.  And Ka-Boom. And AGAIN.  And so on.

Like everything else, it ain’t rocket.


You can completely disappear, swallowed up inside your own curiously enveloping pockets of misery, and struggle and struggle and barely ever come out to play.  And maybe even you tend to do that. But, strangely your partner’s miseries will quite often vanish when exposed carefully touched by you.  Whoosh. Gone. And, of course, vice-versa.

BUT you gotta care with all your heart or it won’t work. And no bullshit neither.


Passion is sublime caring.

In the 21st century, passion is newly and generally accepted as something commercially and characterologically desirable.  I think it really just a token for all feeling, for all caring, for love itself. Passion is the camel’s nose. 


I spend my days waiting for my love to show herself anew,  watching for her to reveal even the least reticence about who she is, what she said, she thinks, she creates and feels; and then I love her right on that spot.   

My love – the woman and the practice both – booted me to that pov.


If you’re a god designing me, and you want me to love, make it so I can see everything but me. 

Hacking me. More.

Then I did some tweeting on TEAMS.

Software teams seem like the pathological case since they ship basically nothing but interpersonal alignment around functional ideas. No stuff to feedback how ya doin.


Teams are “just” a complex multipersonal love relationship. What plagues the rest of our lives, also curses our teams.


What hurts our marriages breaks our code, pollutes our products and scars our children.


The bug count is a constant. We can squish it around, and trick ourselves. The defects express our state of collaborative imperfection.


To reduce defects, or even harder to goose quality, or, hardest of all, to do something genuinely new, will require better relationships, more support,  more people to say yes to you when a no is very tempting to all concerned, when a yes is even terrifying, and feels like a mortal threat. And you have to say yes to you first and most.


Did some tweeting on a REMEDY.

I think we might oughta do something to get to a normal women-men 50-50 at work at all levels in all jobs.  We could just decide to do that, right now. And then begin.

Get started tomorrow? 2/28/14. Be a new holiday eventually, betcha.  This is a sure fire gonna-be, fellas, so we might as well do our deciding before it happens.

(Ahem! My brothers: what, are we freaking crazy? Women, okay?  Got it?)

And my long-suffering sisters:  50-50 is real do-able right now, jeez. No settling. It ain’t hard for me to start to do this once I decide to. Sorry you couldn’t have no high expectations of me so much for so long. Damn, made us feel broke.)

And, brothers and sisters, shortly after we decide, as we surely will after one moment’s thought, (not sure when the moment arrives, ya never can tell,  but the thinking ain’t much of a mental exertion, I can tell ya that personally); but after we decide and start the proceedings…well, then?

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!

When the women come on in they will of course shatter this suffocating hoary decrepit goddammed accursed monopoly on consciousness we men been holding tight like there wasn’t no better right there…..When they do that, man, it is sure going to be something wonderful, ain’t it?  All new. Smell better.  We kinda clean up ok.

Let it be. Time to get on it, and get it on. Nothing simpler. Nothing better to do first. Everything happens then.

I ain’t no hero on this stuff. I coulda got on it in say 1967. But I’m in now. And it feels easy.

It is written.


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