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Custom Intensive 1-1 Course – Just for You

A while back, someone in our Facebook Group, The Booted, asked, and from time to time many others have asked: what are best ideas for a good training course to take, (in addition to McCarthy BootCamp, of course)?

Here is my answer, for now.

My best training ideas, bar none, if you want to increase both the focus and the range of your point of view, to increase your attainments and the joys they bring, and to enrich your powers, self-awareness, and your capabilities of both wanting and having, I have a course for you. Even better than a good McCarthy BootCamp.

Speaking without modesty: the best training I am aware of for those skills and the best idea for training I have for you is a few hours of teaching/coaching from me on Skype. Or come stay a few days at our house. Say 10-20 hours total.

McCarthy Custom Training Course.

Such a course usually has quite far-reaching beneficial effects. It is a crazily good investment for most, given my stage of life, and how I have spent it so far; considering the vivid, practical and original ideas likely to occur between us; and enjoying the likely results of great discourse and careful listening; and the new laughter, freedom, relief and art that will almost certainly ensue in your life.

Consider: this is a custom course exclusively for you from a teacher who is somewhat older, and is (I judge) performing at age-appropriate levels.

McCarthy Custom Training Course is a drop dead simple course to take logistically in comparison to other, more canned, courses.

You get to pick your time, place and price (Time and place are much more flexible notions these days, fortunately. And price is not merely cost, nor even value plus cost. It is opportunity.)

The Course can cover a very large range of experience: family, business, and love: in and out of, conjugal, filial, erotic, parental and as a child; the starting up and shutting down of things; going all the way and containment; intentionality, heartbreak and bliss; visions near and far, alignment in the moment and forever, triumph and failure, creation and desolation.

I have solid experience with an array of committed sins and some minor but critical experience with a very few highly-prized virtues.

I am somewhat mature and practised in not screwing up student-teacher relationships, though living well is always a fundamentally new challenge, and subject to new learning. But, withal, we will have a pretty good shot at establishing a long, fruitful and transcendent friendship. I won’t do it otherwise.

There are some admission requirements, but I don’t know what they are up front. 

Maybe they are more along the lines of “persistence” requirements.

Now, if you can see how this would be a good course to take, the first lesson is free and is this: why don’t you contact me now ( If you are inclined not to, maybe we need to get a deeper and more compassionate understanding of your relations with yourself, and encourage more fruitful ways henceforward. Maybe we can solve this little unwarranted self-denial, this bootstrapping issue.

Jim McCarthy

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