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A Larger Disaster in the Future


Sometimes entire organizations are created, maintained, and ultimately wasted in a company so that one executive can avoid confronting another who has failed, or is not performing as desired. When someone visibly fails, everyone who cares to know it, does know it. This statement holds true for those in the hierarchy above and alongside the person who failed. Rather than “hurt the person’s feelings,” his or her boss may appoint the employee to a new position that salvages some pride.

In this case, the people getting “rescued” are mediocre managers who have failed to mature and often haven’t a clue as to why they are unsuccessful, in part because nobody will talk honestly about their lackluster results. Furthermore, large numbers of people are often asked to follow the demonstrably incompetent manager. In fact, reorganizations commonly hinge on rescues. Moving mountains to “save face” is a “nice” way of (avoiding) dealing with real problems.

Not telling the truth may avoid short-term discomfort for someone, but more often it dooms the “rescued” party to an even larger disaster in the future. Saving face, in this context, means ultimately losing more face, and adds heaps of culpability to those people who didn’t talk about the original, “avoided” truth. To be genuinely “nice,” tell the truth to the person who needs to hear it. Even if you don’t handle the session well, the truth is always the best thing to offer, if available. If you were to tell the truth to the person who needs help rather than withhold the truth in an effort to rescue that person, you would find that the message you delivered would be much more precise and accurate.

From “Software for your Head
by Jim and Michele McCarthy

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