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Forward to The Culture Game

The following is the Forward Jim and Michele wrote to the recently published “Culture Game” by Dan Mezick

In a good little while, say, 25 years or so – call it a generation – when the ideas and practices – many of them first covered in this book, others still awaiting fuller notice and deeper development; when all these ideas and practices, and their progeny, all of which are just now starting to rock and roll throughout our world; when these emerging cultural innovations will have become fully realized, fully mature, in the generation or so that lays immediately before us, perhaps you will recall reading this book, and look back with satisfaction on the path upon which you thereafter walked.

And after the ideas and practices discussed and pointed to herein, along with many further cultural innovations by the people covered and others which can now only be imagined – or maybe not even yet imagined – but, when, after  25 years or so all these things will have been through many and striking iterations, and then, when all these innovations will have truly done their work:  catalyzed great movements, caused, struggled with, ultimately absorbed and made productive all the upheaval and change that is starting even right now along with the launch of these ideas, perhaps then, at that late date,  you will remember this book, what you encountered herein, and what steps you took as a result.

And when the whole great, epochal cataclysm of magnificence wrought by the eventual success of such ideas and practices and their progeny, when the fullest possible triumph of cultural engineering and culture hacking has finally come to pass – when the full cultural fruit and flower of Reason and Beauty are utterly manifest in all our daily lives, we can hope that you will remember the sense of promise you may have first felt when you read these pages.

The Culture Game is about the work of cultural pioneers and innovators, and about the newly burgeoning trend of culture design. Moreover, it is a kind of promise, and a call to a certain kind of future, a future for which the people covered within have made a down payment on all our behalf. This future – one we can all safely anticipate – is a future wherein we will have fully designed all the aspects of the various cultures we daily inhabit, and made them all maximally supportive.

If you consider for one moment the life you might live in an accidental cave you stumble upon versus the life you might live in the Palace of Versailles, you get a sense of the difference we contemplate between undesigned and designed cultures. The difference between lives lived in a culture intentionally and completely designed to support us in all our human needs, desires and dreams versus the random and accidental miasma in which we today conduct our daily struggles is an almost inconceivably vast and hugely beneficial difference.

That such a future beckons us now is an underlying premise of this book. Many of you may feel something of a call as you read these pages. As we have. This thing, this great change, is surfacing only now, and The Culture Game is evidence of that phenomenon. Hundreds and then thousands will help create the great change. Then millions and, finally, billions. That you are reading this now may bode well for you: you may be feeling what will ultimately be an irresistible energy early. Perhaps if you pay attention to the least little inclination now, it will repay you manifold over the years to come.

When all that is now clearly foreseeable based on the cultural innovations at hand, when that has come to pass; and when much that is not now foreseeable has as well arrived, then, at that moment, in the fullness of time, many of you readers of The Culture Game, Dan Mezick’s early book on the topic, may well trace your happy involvement in the tremendous events that followed your reading it. You may even recall this audacious little introduction, by,


Jim and Michele McCarthy


May, 2012.


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